25th Anniversary Vowel Renewal Ceremony

Vicki and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and as a special way to honor it, they renewed their vows to each other at the Marriott Hotel in Pompano Beach. It was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony, but unfortunately the rain here in South Florida just doesn't seem to stop! The rain didn't ruin their day though, their plan B was just as perfect! It was a beautiful ceremony and you could still see that these two had so much love for each other even after all these years. Their ceremony was short and sweet but provided a lot of tears of joy and heart warming moments. These two are from Ohio (which I can appreciate some fellow mid westerners LOL) and it was so special to see how their family and friends all took time out of their busy lives to make the journey to Florida to witness their special day! Their family and friends were so welcoming and a great group to be around. I feel so honored that I was able to be their photographer for the day! I was able to get some awesome shots and even some outside when the rain decided to calm down.

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