Canon EOS 80D: My Start Up & Go-To Backup!

Okay so all of my fellow photographers out there may or may not agree, but I have tested out a few cameras and for the price and all around function, I am in LOVE with the Canon EOS 80D! It offers so much for the little price of $1,099 (link to Amazon below) and it's got a lot of easy to use features. One of the really great things about this

camera is that it is not only great for photography, but it's great for video. I've been using it for a lot of my smaller shots because of it's light weight and the fact that I can easily operate it with one hand. If you are like me, you need something that is easy to handle when you are trying to juggle a million things at once LOL! You your four different lenses, your extra battery, extra memory card, and your clients things. Honestly now that I am thinking about it, I need a new bag so I'll most likely be blogging about that next.

Anyway, let's get back to this awesome camera. The grip on this baby is super comfortable and like I said before, the weight is great! At 1.8Ibs It won't create the neck pain later that we can all relate to after a long day of hauling around heavy equipment. I can't do anything about those heavy lens's, but this will certainly help! I also prefer light weight lens over heavier alternatives which I may get into later in another post.

One of the most amazing things about this camera is probably the battery life. After spending the whole day shooting and using this camera, I still had a significant amount of battery life left! I used it at two other smaller shoots after that before needing to recharge it. I was amazed by this and it makes for worrying about carrying around backup batteries a little less stressful. Two other great features on this camera are the touch screen and the rotating display screen. I love the rotating display screen because I can easily close it to avoid scratching on the screen and it's great when you are taking videos.

My main reason for wanting to bring this post to life, is to let fellow photographers know that this is a great back-up camera and it's also a great camera for anyone looking to get into photography or just starting out. It's easy to use functions, video capabilities, and cost make it the perfect starter camera or back-up camera!

Hope this was helpful and hope I get more people on my Canon EOS 80D wagon!

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